Monday, June 30, 2008

Stay Left

On Tuesday afternoon after Ally left, Anne and I hopped onto the bikes and decided to check out Wimbledon. It was about an hour bike ride from Anne's flat to the grounds and it was pretty interesting biking in a big city. Cars seemed to be pretty aware of us and we did not have any close calls. Aside from the riding, Sandy's bike shoes had me stumped when we got home. I spent about 10 minutes just trying to get out his shoes.

Because tickets to Wimbledon are pretty ridiculous (1500 pounds=3000 dollars), we biked around the grounds and were able to hear some of the action. There is a queue for tickets where they resell the tickets after people have left for cheaper prices, but the line was extremely long. The facilities are top notch, obviously, and we have been watching a fair amount of tennis at the pubs and at home.

Anne and I also went to the Imperial War Museum this week. The museum is much bigger than we expected and we did not get through all of it in four hours. It featured exhibits from WWI and WWII along with a Holocaust memorial. War machinery covers the first floor from submarines to tanks and they even were having a James Bond exhibit. We plan on going back to check out the rest of the museum before I leave. Below is a picture of me next to a preserved piece of the Berlin wall.

We have spent many of the past few days taking advantage of the good weather and biking around London. Anne, Sandy and I went for a nice ride yesterday to Richmond Park which is about a 40 minute ride from Anne's and offers some "off-roading" gravel trails. The park is huge and it was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while.

Last night was the EuroCup 2008 final. Spain and Germany battled it out and to our delight, Spain won 1-0. Football here is a huge deal and even though this cup wasn't as anticipated here because England did not qualify, people were still very excited. Some friends of Anne and Sandy came over for the game and ate dinner with us.

Tonight I will be going to my first play with Anne, Les Miserables. It will be exciting to see since I can still remember listening to the soundtrack on our way to school when I was little. I will post about my experience afterwards.


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