Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nice is nice


Crossing over from Italy to France seemed like a pretty easy transition....well, I think the beaches had something to do with it. Our destination was Nice (sounds like "neice"), with its beautiful Alps-to-Mediterranean surroundings we decided this would be a great place to relax. This was the city that celebrities from London used to flock to escape the rainy weather years ago. When traveling we want to feel like locals, so that is what we did.

Nice is a charming old town with a grand beach front promenade and was lovely to walk around. The city lit up at night and we were lucky to have such beautiful weather. This stop on our trip was not meant for visiting museums, but to simply lay by the beach and relax after six hours on a train.

We took the train from Florence to Milan and had to wait an hour to catch the train to Nice. The ride offered some great scenery ranging from the hills of Tuscany to the Cote d'Azur coastline of the Mediterranean. Once we began to see the sea, Ally and I became intolerant of the train we were on and were teased by the beauty before us. Two hours later, after staring at the beaches we were finally laying on one.

The beaches in Nice are far from sandy. Covered in rocks, I had a difficult time maneuvering without sandals. We were however able to situate ourselves in the rocks and lie down for a nice tan/burn.

Our next stop is Paris!


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