Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home Sweet London

Ally and I left the hotel in Paris around 6:15, approximately four hours after we arrived back to the hotel. After a slow, should have been anticipated, French customs to board the Eurostar, we were on our way to London.

We got back to Anne's flat around noon, unpacked, showered and waited for Anne and Sandy to get back from Spain. Then, we decided to take a walk through Westminster and show Ally some of the main historic parts of London. My guided tour took us past Buckingham Palace, St. James's park, Parliament, Big Ben, The Eye and through Trafalgar and Leicester Square, and Piccadilly Circus. Afterwards we came back to the flat for a wonderful dinner with Anne and Sandy.

On Monday, I decided that Ally needed to see the Tower of London. We saw the Crown Jewels and took the Beefeater tour. Ally actually enjoyed the tour more than she though she would and learned a lot about some early history of London. From there, we walked along the Thames towards Parliament and grabbed lunch. We found a place making a seafood paella outdoors that we really enjoyed. We then walked to Piccadilly Circus to shop at Lillywhites, which is similar to Sheild's in Iowa, only 10 times more crazy. Ally found some clothes to buy and I even bought a jacket, my first souvenir purchase overseas.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday Ally was scheduled to fly back to Decorah. I took the tube with her to the airport and made sure she got checked in correctly. We had a great trip and I am extremely glad she was able to come over and explore Europe with me. Many great experiences took place and we learned a lot about Italy and France along with their culture.

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