Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Irritates Me

Word is spreading quickly about a new petition started online by a group of Iowans for the Iowa Legislature to place a ban on the farm-to-market roads. For those unsure what a "farm-to-market" road is, it's basically any highway that connects agricultural and rural areas to towns and cities. To see the petition (do NOT comment on it as they count it as a signature), click here. Some of the comments did make me laugh out loud, some made me furious, and towards the end it left me sick to my stomach. These people are definitely on my short list and are probably sitting with their laptops on the beer guts, sporting a confederate flag on their wall.

I do see where some of their concern stems from. Many cyclists do not obey traffic laws, ride with a helmet, and bike lights/reflectors. Cyclists need to ride together with traffic as we are considered (by Iowa law) to obey by the same laws of traffic. Common bike ettiquite should be taught at an early age and obeyed by all. The same should be taught to drivers, give at least 5 feet of space when passing a biker, slow down, and pass safely.

One comment I read (which was a common complaint) is that cyclist do not pay fuel or license taxes for using the road. Do they really think that all cyclists only drive bikes to get around? Almost every biker I know owns a car and pays taxes. Very few use a bicycle as their only means of transportation.

While I don't see any reason that this ban would ever be considered, it just goes to show how ignorant people can be. We might as well sign a petition preventing people from exercising or leaving their homes for the potential of inconveniencing others. So, to show how obnoxious the petition to ban bikes has been, another has been started to ban cars from the roads. So, now that you have read my rant, I encourage anyone who rides a bike to sign the petition here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nordic Mess

Hard to believe Nordic Fest is already here. Back in high school, this time of year essentially meant that summer was over. Fall sports begin practice shortly after and school before you knew it. It's nice that I have a little more of summer to enjoy before classes start again.

I have came to really enjoy watching my sister (Catherine) preform as a Nordic Dancer. In the past Mom had to pull some teeth at times for me to come watch, but Cat does an awesome job. It's hard to find another dancer who seems to smile and enjoy her time out in front of the Norwegian crowd as she does.

The performance times for the dances are as follows:

Thursday night at 6:30
Friday at 11 and 7
Saturday 10:30 and 7

As for my activities, you can find me at the rock throw sometime Saturday morning as well as on the river enjoying some choice beverages if the weather holds.

Pictures to follow....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Adventures on my La Cruz

I have been riding my La Cruz everywhere lately. There has been a steady balance between pavement and gravel thus far. The usual route has been out towards Bluffton and beyond, but I am excited to start heading out in different directions.

The two pictures below I took on the river trail where I set up my hammock to read and take a nap before biking to work.

Below is a picture from my most recent ride through Bluffton, Burr Oak to Middle Hesper Road and back to my house. It was a chilly, fall like ride in mid-July, which is extremely rare in Iowa, but it was beautiful regardless.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Whips

Been to busy to blog and honestly, it has not been high on the priority list. Weather has been a little chilly but not enough to keep me inside. Between school, work and logging miles on the bike free time has been scarce. Last weekend we were in Madison for my cousins wedding. Aj and I took off early Saturday morning and biked to Prairie DuChien before the car caught up with us. It was a beautiful ceremony but I don't have any of the pictures to post yet. Melissa and Sean are off to Australia and New Zealand for the next month which makes me really jealous....I know they will be having an awesome time. The wedding was held on the Monona Terrace overlooking the lake and was a beautiful ceremony. The reception was a lot of fun as well. I figured out where I get my dance moves from....thanks, Dad.

Here is a montage of pictures of the new bike/pre-ride. This bike is my new favorite toy. It will be seeing lots of miles on pavement and gravel for years to come. I have logged close to 80 miles in two rides thus far on it. I am still working on getting the fit dialed in but it rolls so nicely.

I am also borrowing Ally's cousins unicycle for the time being to see if I can learn how to ride it. I feel like I am getting close but not quite there yet. I'll keep anybody interested on how it is going.