Monday, September 29, 2008

TFTD (Thought for the day)

A friend of ours was walking down a deserted Mexican beach at sunset. As he walked along, he began to see another man in the distance. As he grew nearer, he noticed that the local native kept leaning down, picking something up and throwing it out into the water. Time and again he kept hurling things out into the ocean.

As our friend approached even closer, he noticed that the man was picking up starfish that had been washed up on the beach and, one at time, he was throwing them back into the water.

Our friend was puzzled. He approached the man and said, "Good evening, friend. I was wondering what you are doing."

"I'm throwing these starfish back into the ocean. You see, it's low tide right now and all of these starfish have been washed up onto the shore. If I don't throw them back into the sea, they'll die up here from lack of oxygen."

"I understand," my friend replied, "but there must be thousands of starfish on this beach. You can't possibly get to all of them. There are simply too many. And don't you realize this is probably happening on hundreds of beaches all up and down this coast. Can't you see that you can't possibly make a difference?"

The local native smiled, bent down and picked up yet another starfish, and as he threw it back into the sea, he replied, "made a difference to that one!"

-Jack Canfield

Friday, September 26, 2008


For whatever reason I am unable to upload the pictures I took from last nights bike ride so the one above is somebody else until I can upload mine. I moved out of my comfort zone and tackled the log ride on the Back 40 (trail). This log ride sits ten feet above the ground and is about 1.5-2 feet wide. While it is just as wide as any trail we ride on, it is hard to think that when you are 10 feet up on your bike in the same amount of space.

On my first attempt I made it across until the 2x6 you see at the bottom right on the picture when my front tire went off the edge and I went flying. The experience of crashing is always fun but I think the majority of that feeling is because I have never been seriously hurt. Hopefully that day never comes. We have video footage of the crash and I will try to upload it when I have more time. When you are mountain biking, if you aren't crashing you are not having fun. Or when we ride with my Dad, if there is no blood it wasn't a good ride. My next attempt I crossed it cleanly and I am now hooked on riding them at least twice every time we ride.

Mountain biking is an awesome way for me to get a workout while still having a good time. I have started a group at Luther where a bunch of guys get together and bike 1-2 times a week. Numbers fluctuate quite a bit because of schedules but we always try to get some quality rides in. Also, on the second Wednesday of every month there is a local time trail at 6:30. If there is anybody reading this who wants to join, please come. Any questions just ask.

Also on the calendar is the Adventure Race here at Luther on October 12. It is a five mile canoe/kayak, 15-mile bike and 3 mile running race through the greater Decorah/Luther area. Race begins at 2:00pm. I will be participating and canoeing with my roommate Aaron. Although it is just shy of an Ironman by about 120 miles, I will still consider it as an accomplishment. Also, if anybody has a road bike they would like to lend me it would certainly be more fun than riding my fixie.

A thought to think about today from Alice in Wonderland (lame I know):

Alice: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
The Cat: That depends a good deal on where you want to get to
Alice: I don't much care where.
The Cat: Then it doesn't much matter which way you go.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


To laugh is to risk appearing the fool.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.
To place your ideas, you dreams before the crowd is to risk their loss.
To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To live is to risk dying.
To hope is to risk despair.
To try is to risk failure.
But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing and is nothing.

He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, live.
Chained by his own fears, he is a slave;
He has forfeited freedom.

Source Unknown

The place that 99.9% of people spend 99.9% of their time is within their comfort zone. It is an area where everything in life is relatively easy and exertion is minimal. Not necessarily an area of complacency or carelessness, but that zone where life is set on cruise control. If things get too difficult people back off. If things get too easy they step up a little bit. Some challenges are faced, but the risk is minimal and people are rarely over-extending themselves in any direction. This includes simple everyday tasks, but can be applied to life in general. The "comfort zone" is where most people spend most of their time.

I'm not saying this is a bad area. Everyone, myself included, spends time in this "comfort zone" and if I didn't have a comfort zone I would go insane. The key is baby steps, push yourself a littler further with each challenge you meet. It may be something as simple as smiling when you are having a day and don't feel like it or lending a hand to those in need.

One of the best examples for risking it all and stepping outside of his comfort zone is my brother, AJ. For somebody who once HATED to run, he has found a new passion by pushing his limits and discovering another part of pain/life that he has never experienced and few ever will. His mentality to risk it all has changed his life-imagine what it could do to yours.

Only a person who risks is free! Reach out and leave your comfort zone and live each day as a new opportunity to make your dreams come true.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is it October yet?!

It never gets old.

For the first time in my life the Cubs have made back to back postseason appearances. Watching, listening and following the Cubs has been a large part of my life and I cannot wait to see how far they can make it this postseason.

Now if only the Twins can make it as well so all of my friends can have something to cheer about in October and won't have to listen to me rant about the Cubs all the time.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Carpe Diem!

This is the beginning of a new day.

You have been given this day to use as you will.

You can waste it or use it for good.

What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.

When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind

...let it be something good.

Are we wasting each day waiting for it to be over with or are we getting the most out of the day and ourselves? Laying around each day will not give you results. Sure, everybody needs a day to lie around once and a while but how often are you doing it? Boring people have boring days.

Seize the day! Make more time for yourself to enjoy YOUR life. Do the things that you want to do. You will quickly see how it effects your life as well as others.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A change of pace....

I got a laugh out of this and thought I would pass it along.

"My Next Life" by Woody Allen

In my next life I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people's home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day. You work for 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You party, drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous, then you are ready for high school. You then go to primary school, you become a kid, you play. You have no responsibilities, you become a baby until you are born. And then you spend your last 9 months floating in luxurious spa-like conditions with central heating and room service on tap, larger quarters every day and then voila! You finish off as an orgasm!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where from here?

It has been a while since my last post and I have debated keeping my blog going. At first, my blog was intended to cover my travels in Europe and keep everybody informed about the incredible opportunity that was laid before me. I would have never been able to travel and live in Europe as I did without Anne and Sandy especially, but the rest of my family and friends helped make it all possible as well. The experience I had was something that I can never repay back.

So what am I getting at? Each day we are presented with the opportunity to be a part of something great. Be it work, school, cooking, or simply making it through the day. Some days it is easier to find motivation for what we are doing and other days we have to dig deeper. However, there are always two constants, we make up our minds and if we can't, there is always family and friends to help make things we do possible. I know that if I am ever having a bad day I can go to my Mom, or if I need help with school or am struggling with making a decision I go to Dad, and if I need somebody to tell me exactly how it is I go to Aj.

My network of family to go for help is unmatched.

So instead of dedicating my blog to Europe, I am going to dedicate it to all of my family and friends who I have learned so much from. They have helped shape (change) me into who I am today and are an even bigger part in helping me figure out where I am going. Hopefully with me sharing more of my thoughts and experiences with everybody, you can learn something from me as well.

At first I thought my blog should carry a constant theme (Europe) but instead I am going to do exactly what a blog should be about--whatever I am feeling. Some posts will be about my life, my family, motivation and the things I enjoy.

In Aj's blog he talks about attitude a lot and how it can change your day. If you can change one day, you can change your life. So how do you make a change in you life? In the end it's all about being able to change....

When you change your thinking, You change your beliefs;

When you change your beliefs, You change your expectations;

When you change your expectations, You change your attitude;

When you change your attitude, You change your behavior;

When you change your behavior, You change your performance;

When you change your performance, You change your life!

Anybody still reading? Let me know if you are, leave a comment!