Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, I have successfully made it through the last week of classes for my junior year. Finals begin on Saturday and end on Wednesday. I have a good schedule, one final each day. Chemistry is the final I am most worried about mostly because the final is comprehensive throughout the whole year, not just one semester. Not to mention the fact that motivation always seems to fade when you look outside and the weather is awesome. This weekend I will really have to buckle down....

It always seems cliche but this semester (year) has really flown by. Hard to believe that in one more year and I will have graduated (that's scary!)

I am spending tonight packing some of my belongings at my apartment to take home this weekend. It is amazing how much stuff one can have in such a small place. One of my goals this summer is to really start downsizing which is easier said than done. If anybody has any tips (or wants anything) let me know.

On the bright side, you know what always helps pass the time while packing......a cold Peroni!

I saw them advertised at JD's the other day and had to stop in to bring back some memories from Roma. Below is a picture of Sandy and I resting after our first day of visiting the Coliseum and Palatine Hill.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Rock!

Happy mothers day to all Mom's. I cannot say enough about how awesome of a Mom that I have. I hope everybody has a great day!

Happy Mothers Day Mom!