Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Irritates Me

Word is spreading quickly about a new petition started online by a group of Iowans for the Iowa Legislature to place a ban on the farm-to-market roads. For those unsure what a "farm-to-market" road is, it's basically any highway that connects agricultural and rural areas to towns and cities. To see the petition (do NOT comment on it as they count it as a signature), click here. Some of the comments did make me laugh out loud, some made me furious, and towards the end it left me sick to my stomach. These people are definitely on my short list and are probably sitting with their laptops on the beer guts, sporting a confederate flag on their wall.

I do see where some of their concern stems from. Many cyclists do not obey traffic laws, ride with a helmet, and bike lights/reflectors. Cyclists need to ride together with traffic as we are considered (by Iowa law) to obey by the same laws of traffic. Common bike ettiquite should be taught at an early age and obeyed by all. The same should be taught to drivers, give at least 5 feet of space when passing a biker, slow down, and pass safely.

One comment I read (which was a common complaint) is that cyclist do not pay fuel or license taxes for using the road. Do they really think that all cyclists only drive bikes to get around? Almost every biker I know owns a car and pays taxes. Very few use a bicycle as their only means of transportation.

While I don't see any reason that this ban would ever be considered, it just goes to show how ignorant people can be. We might as well sign a petition preventing people from exercising or leaving their homes for the potential of inconveniencing others. So, to show how obnoxious the petition to ban bikes has been, another has been started to ban cars from the roads. So, now that you have read my rant, I encourage anyone who rides a bike to sign the petition here.

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