Sunday, June 8, 2008

Getting Behind

Sorry for the lapse in my recent blogs. After arriving home late on Monday night from Rome and being busy packing and cleaning among other things on Tuesday, the blog kept getting pushed back.

On Wednesday morning around 6 I took off from Anne and Sandy's flat to take the Eurostar from London to Brussels. The Eurostar is a high speed train that runs under the channel into greater Europe from the UK. Speeds reach well over 100 mph and my ears were popping a lot as I was trying to sleep.

After a smooth two hour ride I arrived in Belgium. I checked my departure times for Amsterdam which was my final destination to meet my Dad who is over for work. I originally thought I would have more time to spend in Belgium but I ended up only having a few hours. I found a spot to eat and to my own and Anne's dissapointment, I did not have any mussels. Eating mussels was one of my main objectives because mussels in Brussel's are supposed to be some of the best around and are very yummy.

After some confusion I boarded my train to Amsterdam, which was another three hour ride. I got in later in the afternoon and I have been here since. My Dad and I will fly to London tomorrow (Monday) in the afternoon and spend time there until he leaves and Ally arrives on Friday.

As for Amsterdam, it is a very diverse and liberal city. I really enjoy walking around and people watching. The numerous canals certainly contribute to the cities beauty. I will talk about it more when I have time because I am sitting in the hotel lobby right now as people wait for the computer.

I still have a post from our travels in Roma to write about. Pictures are also on the way when I load them into my computer back at Annes. So for now, hopefully this will make me feel less guilty about the lack of updates on my travels since communication is harder when you are seven hours ahead of everybody back home.