Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Anne, Craig and I left Waterloo Station in London by train and traveled to Salisbury (SW of London) to discover Stonehenge and whatever else Salisbury had to offer. We had done some research about Stonehenge before we left, but witnessing these massive stones in person was mystifying. What makes them so interesting is that they have been there for over 5,000 years and nobody has a clue how they were erected. There are many theories but none has been proven. We heard stories during our tour ranging from magic to the devil to aliens. Larger stones are believed to have come from distances around 20 miles and the smaller Bluestones from the Preseli Mountains in Wales, 240 miles away. It was pretty amazing to witness one of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world.

After making our way back into town, we walked through the town market and downtown to Salisbury Cathedral. The Cathedral was built over the course of 38 years starting in 1220. Stored here is the finest of only four surviving original Magna Carta, which provided inspiration for many of todays common laws and was a basis for the United States constitution. The Chapter House stores the Magna Carta and a decorative frieze circles the interior and depicts stories from the Bible.

For dinner, Craig and I cooked for Anne. I made salad and bruschetta while Craig prepared chicken and rice while using some saffron we bought at the market in London.


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