Monday, May 19, 2008

Finally Here

For those who were counting, it has been approximately 24 hours since my departure. After twelve hours of travel I am now, relaxing in my Aunt and Uncles flat in London after a half day of settling in, walking the streets of London in Anne's neighborhood while running some errands and checking the status of my lost baggage. To arrive in London, I took two flights. The first one from Minneapolis to Toronto was delayed over 50 minutes, causing a mad dash at the Toronto airport to catch my connecting flight to London. Luckily, there were a few others in the same boat and we managed to board with time to spare. My backpack on the other hand.....I am still waiting for its arrival.

London is an amazing place. I have not experienced a fraction of what the city has to offer and I am already impressed. Minor changes from America have already been addressed. Looking right then left when crossing a street is a must. Pedestrians do not have the right away here and it is your job to stay out of the way. Also, it is not uncommon to see multiple BMW's, Porsche's, and Bentley's parked on the curb....something a small town boy is amazed by. Layers are key, today it was sunny then cloudy and that pattern repeated all day. The temperature was around 12 degrees C (approx 55 Fahrenheit). London would be in the good graces of those who are looking after our environment as the city has a very "green" perspective which I like to see.

I hope this blog provides those who care to follow my travels with some insight on the incredible opportunity I have been given to come over here. Many thanks to all who have supported me and my adventure over the pond, I would not be here without you. Please, post any comments, suggestions, or questions you have. You can also e-mail me at I will try to update this page as often as I can, keeping everybody updated on my daily activities.



Anonymous said...

Hey Wes! I can't wait to here all about your amazing trip! I will be on here everyday to check out what you have seen and experienced. I hope you have a great trip! Say "Hello" to Anne and Sandy for me and everyone else whom you will be adventuring with (:

love you!

From your #1 sister, CAT!

P.S. Missing you already...since I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wes! Hope you are having fun in London! We all miss you at home but glade your going to have amazing experience! Take lots of pictures and keep me updated! Tell Anne and Sandy hi from me and that I miss them! Love you lots, #1 sister, not cat, Mere. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Wes,
Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound sans backpack! Have a great time, see and do everything and tell us all about it! The summer of Wes has officially begun!

Just while I was writing this Edmonds caught a deep fly with his back to home plate. They commented that it was as great a catch as R. Johnson's! Cubs are up 3-2.

From your #1 Godmother and Godfather

Adge said...

#1 Brother here...and I want everyone to know it is not a self proclaimed/contended title, it is official and by default.

Good to hear all is well, I wish I missed you more but honestly I look good in all your clothes and now I have my own nice.

All jokes aside keep us posted, provide at least one pic per post, and make sure to have fun. Tell Anne and Sandy Hi.

Make a good day!

MOM said...

Hey Son!
WHEW!!!You got there safe!
Too bad about your luggage..especially for Anne and Sandy as I threw in some earplugs for them!
Your "SUMMER OF WES" has begun and I know it will the time of your life!
BIG,BIG hugs to Anne and Sandy for the opportunity they are giving you.
Enjoy every minute!
Look forward to your first pictures!
Love ya!
ps.Cubs won 7-21

Jake Vaith said...

hey dude. hope all is good. haha. member when i told you that you were going to loose your baggage? yeah, i totally stole it, lol. hope your having fun. peace out.