Friday, June 19, 2009

Damn Weather

Rain has been hovering over Decorah for what seems like a week. There have been periods of sunshine, but as usual, it has been rainy for the better part of the week whenever a bike event is planned. The Dirt Burger starts tonight and was to be kicked off with a night ride but will now be turned into an urban ride of some sort. The weather seems promising for the weekend so hopefully it holds up.

I have recently heard about the Tour Divide mountain bike race. Holy cow! This thing is the most epic mountain bike race I can imagine! 2745 miles of riding self supported from Canada to the Mexican border. It takes most riders (if they finish) three weeks to complete. I have been following the leader board erratically this week and what these guys are doing is incredible. Definitely something way out there for me to think about doing when I go insane....

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