Sunday, June 7, 2009

Boulder, CO

Ally and I just got back from spending incredible week Boulder, Colorado with Ally's cousin, Andrew. Andrew is going to be a sophomore at Luther next year and is living in Boulder for the summer while working and training for cross country. He was kind enough to let us crash on his floor for the week while we explored what Boulder and the surrounding area had to offer.

We spent the majority of our time hiking and biking the trails around Boulder and walking downtown around Pearl Street. There are endless miles of trails for outdoor use in Colorado for people of all levels of fitness.

Here are some pictures that highlight some of our outdoor adventures:

Our first hike just north of Boulder

We spent an afternoon painting artistic skills need work, I figured out.

I went on a 12 mile ride by myself at White Ranch near Golden, CO. Nearly 2,000 feet of straight climbing is not fun on a single speed.

A picture during my descent.

Ally, Andrew and I played disc golf in Boulder with some awesome views of the flatirons in the background.

Another picture during frolf (frisbee-golf)

The start of our Twin Sisters hike.

A picture of us on the way up. Pictures do not do any justice for the view we witnessed.

Estes Park at the bottom of the picture.

We made it!

Not a bad place to eat lunch!

Ally and I with the Twin Sisters in the background.

To top off the whole week we were (somehow) able to scalp tickets to O.A.R. playing at Red Rocks Amphitheater. This is the most incredible place to see a concert. It is a "natural" outdoor amphitheater built between two huge rock slabs. OAR is my favorite band and played a wicked concert that I will never forget, along with our struggles to get tickets. It was an awesome way to end the week. I do not have any good pictures from the venue because of the poor lighting but you can google some pictures and see what it was about. The show was sold out and played with clear skies, allowing everybody to see Denver and the surrounding area lit up at night.

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