Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday Funday!

Sunday, Brad and I went to the local bike shop to rent bikes and go for a road ride. It is always fun to get out of the city when traveling and see the beautiful scenery that is not made up of cement. It was awesome to see hundreds of people outside enjoying the weather and biking. Bike lanes are plentiful and all drivers expect one were great with sharing the road.

We completed an epic ride that I have mapped out here.

While some ventured into the city here is what Brad and I accomplished/saw.

Rented a hot pink Trek Pilot 5.2 women's bike for my ride because the bike shop had no other men's bikes.

Saw 27 miles of beautiful scenery under the power of our own legs.

Saw some California Redwood trees.

Completed a climb reaching 2,500 feet.

Passed people in a hot pink bike.

Rode with an ocean view to our right and the valley of San Francisco to our left.

Biked in 70+ weather.

The views that we saw today is what make life great and biking up that extremely long and steep road so rewarding. I am blessed to have been presented such great opportunities in life.

Make the best of your day.

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