Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pier 39

On Saturday we were able to take some time for the usual tourist activities. We started our day at Pier 39 and immediately Jake, Brad and I found a bike rental to see the area. Two of my favorite things combined in one is a no brainier: bikes and sightseeing.

We were given directions to the Golden Gate Bridge and took off accordingly. It was about a 4.5 mile ride to the bridge and an additional 1.5 miles to get across it. Biking was definitely the way to see the area because we were able to cover a lot of ground and make it back in time to grab some grub before our Alcatraz tour. I was not planning on eating until I spotted a store selling crepes and decided I was getting one regardless. Brad and Jake followed cue and afterwards we walked around a bustling Pier 39 area before meeting the rest of our group.

At 4:20 our boat left for our night tour of Alcatraz, home of many past criminals including Al Capone. The tour was very interesting and had lots of escape stories. The nightime provided us with a great opportunity to see San Francisco lit up at night and people in our group got some awesome pictures. Check out our flickr account here. I have been trying to upload photos but for whatever reason blogger is not letting me.

When we arrived on shore we found a seafood restaurant where I ordered some Mussels which are one of my favorite seafood's (thanks to Anne for getting me hooked!). We then headed back to our hotel for some 500 and bed.

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