Friday, October 10, 2008

Bring on the weekend!

Talk about a full week.

I had 11 classes, 2 tests, and a quiz along with 16 hours of work. Who is ready for the weekend?

Weather has been nice enough to be able to continue my bike commute to work logging over 50 miles alone from my dorm room to Wal-Mart and back.

Wrecked my mountain bike rim last weekend attempting to conquer the log ride. Went head over the bike while my tire became lodged between the log and the ground. Luckily my shoulder broke my fall. After I got that fixed I went out on a great ride last night before work with Aaron, Derek, and Joe. Only lasted around an hour but we were able to cover some ground.

This weekend is the Adventure Race that Luther is putting on. Still need to make some adjustments to my Dad's bike so I don't have to spin on my single speed on the flats. He broke his chain this past weekend when we rent riding so I took it into Deke's to get it fixed. I am excited to compete this weekend and ready to go. I will either run or bike again today and do something light on Saturday to stay loose.

I will give a race report either Sunday night or Monday.

On a side note I found an article that in New Zeland they are placing bicycle assembly stations in the international cool is that! New Zealand is widely regarded as one of the ultimate destinations for bicycle tourists — good climate, friendly people, stunning vistas. I hope to visit there some day. If only the US was as supportive and bike friendly as other places in the world.....

While AJ supports his "Save Gas, Burn Carbs" stickers I plan on sporting one of these patches onto my bag.

(Insert catch phrase here)

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