Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cub Rant

Never would I have thought it would end like this. Not so quick, not like this.

One day, the top team in the National League and a favorite to win the World Series for the first time in 100 years. Four days later, gone.

Worse than last year, and worse than '03 for me. I still remember Brant Brown dropping Rod Becks fly ball in '98 at Milwaukee with my Mom. It seems as if every great Cubs memory is becoming replaced with total letdown. Six months of great baseball and 97 wins this year have all went to squat.

It is almost as if my belief has turned from a "It's Gonna Happen" attitude at the beginning of the year to a "Who gives a shit, It's Never Gonna Happen."

Every Cubs fan starts the year with that belief that this is the year! THIS is the team that can do it! Eventually over the course of the year the losses build up and the belief slowly fades away. But not this year....

We had the losses, which were followed by 8+ game win streaks. We had no apparent weaknesses. Solid starting pitching to start and then we added another ace in Harden to give more hope. Great bullpen and great hitting. Every time our bats were down, somebody stepped up. This was the way our year went for 162 games. We were the best team in the National League. Everything was in place. This was the year to break our 100 year curse.

An ESPN writer explained that this was no choke, that happened in 2003. It wasn't a collapse either, that would be too nice of a way to explain it. They simply failed to even show up. Now labeled a playoff irrelevant team after nine straight playoff losses.

But will I quit on the Cubs? Hell no, I'm a Cubs fan. Albeit a very pissed off one....

I'll recover of course and the anger will fade as well as the "It's never going to happen" attitude.

Because of course....there is always next year.

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UK Purcells said...

Get used to it - you are still young!

I am just sorry i won't be meeting you in Chicago this month for the World Series :(