Tuesday, August 26, 2008

While Aj has been wearing out his tires on the road, I prefer to ride off-road. To me, it offers everything a bike ride needs from dirt, logs and gravel to the climbs and my favorite downhills. Besides, if you have not been outside the past five days, you are not living. The weather has been absolutely perfect. Mid to upper 70's, low humidity and sunlight. It already feels like fall and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Jake and I have been riding the past few days together and we decided to take a camera out tonight and fool around. We biked the Twins Springs area that we rarely ever ride because it is away from most of the trails. There is a pretty good climb to the top on the trail, but most of our fun came on the spring.

Aside from biking, I have been working most every day at Pepsi. Reality has checked me back in and I move back to school on Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing everybody again and having a room again.

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