Monday, August 4, 2008

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

I am now a proud new owner of another bicycle after a week or so of using my mountain bike to trek across town, I decided the need for a commuter bike was necessary. A lighter frame and skinnier tiers have made my rides to work and friends houses much more efficient and less time consuming. If you are thinking about riding your bicycle to work, grocery store, class, and for your around town errands here are some of the reasons that helped make my decision.

#1: Saving Money

People are always complaining about the rising price of gas and food. My bicycle gets about a million miles to the gallon and is the most efficient way to get around town.

#2: Better for You

Your time is valuable and what a better way to fit in exercise during your daily routines.

#3: Better for the Environment

This can be your gift to share with others. No pollution, no noise, no congestion=no-brainer.

#4; It's Fun

"Driving a car versus riding a bike is on par with watching television rather than living your own life."

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