Sunday, September 5, 2010


Aj and I were fortunate enough to be loaned some kayaks from the Steinberg's (a family Aj met through various Luther friends) who have been very giving to Aj during his time in Portland. Mary dropped us off for a three hour kayak adventure on the Clackamas River just south of Portland on Friday afternoon.
As we were loading our kayaks into the river when Aj spotted yet another one of the thousands of blackberry bushes I have seen in a week (the bushes are also great if you are close to bonking on a bike ride because you can find blackberries almost everywhere to refuel). We loaded up our hats for a snack during the ride and departed.

I couldn't have imagined a better day to spend on the river. A rare clear sky gave some great views of Mt. Hood and the crisp, clear water felt refreshing while relaxing in the 85 degree heat. To top things off, the Steinberg's prepared an awesome supper for us when we returned before Rich proceeded to walk his way through the cribbage tournament.

Yeah, life is pretty good.

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