Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Second Semester...

Of my senior year is finally here and the cliche still holds that it's pretty amazing how fast time actually passes. J-term went by in a flash and hopefully a month or so of winter is left before springtime is finally here! As far as classes being a bit easier my final semester--that is not the case. I am taking my second semester of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, which will be my two hardest classes. Then, I am taking two classes that I am really looking forward to, which is Adaptive Physical Education and Pottery. It will be a great way to cap off my "career" at Luther.

Last night we had our DHPT meeting followed by our Tuesday night group ride. Well, the group aspect failed last night but Spinner and I kept the ride alive. We grabbed a few oil cans for the ride as we left T-Bocks and decided to give the mountain bike trails a go. Rain and warm temperatures last week followed by below freezing temps have made the snowmobile trails and even single track now very rideable. We rode up the Van Peenan service road and both pines before stopping to look over the street lights of Decorah through the bare trees. A sketchy decent down Rocky Road made things interesting and only a few crashes later, we found ourselves back at T-Bocks. It was tough work riding through the snow but we were able to ride about 75% of everything....either way, it was much better than sitting inside on a Tuesday night!

By the way, if you want to listen to some really cool people give some awesome speeches, check out this website. I killed a whole night sitting in my room listening to about 10 different presenters--they have some really great stuff archived.

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