Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Amazing Soup

Only three days back at school and I am already missing the pleasures of being home. Few things make the holidays as special when spent with family, but great food always helps make it memorable as well. The smell of a certain meal can take you back to the very place you ate it and revive many memories of the people you ate it with. Certain dishes like my Mom's delicious holiday bread during December and Amy's pickle roll particularly stand out when thinking about the holidays. When thinking back on my travel experiences, along with the sights seen, my mind always comes back to the meals ate at night with the people I shared the day with are the memories that stand out the most.

This holiday was no different. Aj made some awesome meals, Mom made me two awesome breads that came out fresh at night and were gone by the lunch the next day, and Dad whipped up the best soup I have ever had.

School is fun, but home cooked meals will always be something cherished.

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UK Purcells said...

My stomach just growled reading about pickle bread loaf and bread...the soup looks great the the pic of the 4 of us in Rome will forever be one of my favorite. What a view! Glad we got to experience it with you.